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The following are pictures of the Sealed Turbine/Expander. The Sealed Turbine/Expander is a non-eccentric device {i.e., no vibration; shafts are in-line}. It performs compression/expansion via sweeping gases into a volume that is either decreasing/increasing in size.

In this application, it is used as an expander. That means that the high pressure gas enters a small volume; and, as the components rotate, the volume become larger. The rotation is caused by the high pressure gas “pushing on the extension”. This creates torque that can be used to power an electrical generator.

This Turbine device was developed to have a “vibration-free” sealed compression/expansion mechanical component.  It can be used as a refrigeration compressor. A torque developing expander [as above]. As a Non-eccentric Internal Combustion Engine, see http://neice-power.com/1.html . Or as a “vibration-free” efficient air compressor.